Key Things to Look Out for When Buying an Embroidery Machine

Modern era is era of computer technology and computerized equipments. Due to advanced computerized equipments human life become very easy in many spheres of life. In olden days embroidery was being done with hand and it demands extensive care as well as takes several hours to finish the work. But today the old hobby of stitching designs to a cloth replaced with computer technology.

Now you can buy an advance computerized embroidery machine for any sort of embroidery task. With the emergence of the embroidery machine, the process of embroidery narrows down to a few minutes and even to a few seconds.


The computerized embroidery machines assure the quality, accuracy and perfection every time the needle starts to move. As it is computer generated via using advance technology so every stroke of computerized embroidery machine needle is assured to land on the right spot. By the help of these high-tech advanced machines, anyone can choose his/her own design and add letters or dates related to an event.

These embroidery machines are available in the markets on many local stores and you can also purchase these machines online. Many customers prefer online purchase but they hesitate to select a suitable model. So I decided to provide you a platform which gives you detail information about Best Embroidery Machines. On my website you can understand and compare the features and specifications of available machines.  After getting required information you will be in a better position to buy an affordable and useful embroidery machine which suits your need best.

What is Embroidery Machine?


Embroidery machine is a special kind of sewing machine, in which you can use given stitches in order to make different designs and patterns on various surfaces. The stitches of the embroidery machine can be built-in with customization option or not.

Some of the modern embroidery machines also offer computerized stitches and patterns to create a personal design on fabric. In this case, you can use USB cable or memory card in order to import more designs and operate the machine for embroidering those designs.

Basically, embroidery machine is a machine that is used commercially to create different unique designs over the fabrics to make it stylish and fashionable.

Advantages of Using Embroidery Machine

Perfection & Quality

The best advantage of embroidery machines is the perfection and quality. There will be now flaw in stitching as these machines are computerized. This assures the perfection and quality of the work.

Great Designs

If you are fond of embroidery designs, these computerized machines have different great built-in designs. As you know that embroidery fashion is rapidly growing so you can use embroidery machines for your own fashion and you can sell designs in the market as well.

2-in-1 Equipment

Nowadays many people especially female demands from tailors to make some design on their clothes. If you are a professional tailor then it is possible for you to deal with such customers. Some best embroidery machines like Brother SE400 are 2-in-1 package as a combination of sewing and embroidery.

Time Saving

Manual embroidery may take several days or months for a good design and better quality of work but now this is possible in just few minutes. These computerized machines are also very advantageous for large scale industries as they manufacture in a large quantities and handmade stitching process is of no use for them.

Convenience to Use

Many embroidery machines have computer screens by which you can display the type of design to be stitched. You can make changes in designs according to your own or your customer’s preferences.

Easy to Learn

If you can’t manage time to go for embroider classes the good news for you is that many modern embroidery machines come with built-in tutorial by which you can learn how to use them and how to do embroidery. This make them best for beginners who wants to learn embroidery.


Some other advantages of using embroidery machines are as below:

  • They are very fast and provide beautiful embroidery goods.
  • As they are computer based so they can complete more than 1000 stitches in a minute.
  • They are easy to use and you can easily select design, fonts and boarders.
  • Some machines have advance features like automatic threading or thread cutting which make work easier.
  • The embroidery field or frame size can be adjusted easily.
  • By the help of their computer connectivity you may download and use many free or paying designs by the help of internet.
  • There is card slot and USB port for easily importing additional designs.
  • Some machines also allow direct connection with computer for transferring designs.

How to Choose the Best Embroidery Machine?

When you want to buy an embroidery machine, you will need to consider some important things. If you do not look out for those key things, you may not able to buy the best embroidery machine for your home or commercial purpose. For that reason, we have highlighted the key things to look out when buying the embroidery machine.


These are some of the key things that you can consider for buying the best embroidery machine for your use. Don’t forget to compare two or more embroidery machines before you make the final decision.


How to use Embroidery Machine – Step by step

If you are a beginner, you should learn how to use an embroidery machine properly. If you do not learn the process you may not able to use the machine properly. Moreover, this will show many problems in near future because of not operating it in a right matter.

Therefore, we are providing you the right way step by step process to use an embroidery machine here!



You will need to prepare all the things that you can need like fabric, needle, computer, stabilizer and other things.


Now you will need to choose the right needle that is suitable for the fabric. Otherwise, the needle can’t make good stitches.


In this case, the right thread is also important, the right color and quality thread must be used to get the best result.


Setup the embroidery unit in the sewing machine, if, the unit is separated. Moreover, thread the bobbin and select the right stitch level.

 arrow Step-5

When you are selecting the stitch and design, make sure the length and width is accurate. You can use another fabric to try and watch the length. Use the LCD screen in order to edit in case you need it!

That’s all. You can follow the process whenever you want to make a good embroidery design on your fabric.

How to Maintain Your Embroidery Machine?

More and more people are buying the embroidery machine for home use specially sewing and making design on clothes. The price of a quality embroidery machine is very high. Therefore, you will not want that your embroidery machine will be in a repair store now and then! For that reason, you will need to maintain your embroidery machine properly with care.

The tips can help you to maintain your embroidery machine properly for durable use.

  • You should always learn how to use the embroidery machine properly before you purchase. This is not a machine that you can operate and learn very easily. In this case, you can use online video tutorials or read the instruction book properly before you use your embroidery machine for the first time!
  • This is important to unplug the electric cord when the embroidery machine not in use. Sometimes you forget to unplug the cord and therefore, this causes damage for voltage problem
  • You should always change the needles regularly in order to get good support. A new needle can provide you better stitch design to create any design. For that reason, you should buy more needles at a night so that you can replace it before it breaks down.
  • You should always use the right type of needle depending on the quality of stitch. Otherwise, you can’t expect good service from the embroidery machine as well as it will reduce the efficiency of the machine.
  • Keep the embroidery machine always clean, free from dust. If you can any type of cover for the machine, you should cover the machine after an hour of use. Otherwise, covering the machine when it is hot can cause problem for the motor.


Do you need any extra quilting board?

Do you computerize option in the embroidery machine?

How many needle should you buy?

What are the different accessories of embroidery machine?


Now you may not have any trouble to find and buy the best embroidery machine for your home or commercial purpose. You should always consider the key factors when buying the machine. In addition, caring the machine properly can ensure durable use. If you are a new user, don’t forget to follow our recommendation process of using the embroidery machine properly. Do you need more help? Then, just leave a message!